Coil Type Full Floating Cab

Front Bumper

Air Intake Duct

The cab rides on four coil-type mounts to isolate
the driver from fatiguing road shocks and vibration.
An air-type is optional





Semi-sealed Headlamp











Aluminum Safety Steps

Door Handle




Spacious and Comfortable

We’ve created an exceptionally comfortable working environment with plenty of legroom and headroom that help relax the driver while keeping him alert during long hauls.






Power Steering Tilt and Telescopic Steering Folding Gearshift Lever
Keyhole Lamp Overhead Console and Audio Door Pocket
Centre Seatback Console Air Control System Air Control System

The heating, ventilation and optional air conditioning
system is driven by a powerful fan and high efficiency
compressor and heat exchanger. Air is delivered into the
cabin at critical points to help keep the driver alert and
comfortable regardless of the weather outside




Engine Oil Cleaner Maintenance Lamp and Switch Tilting Cab Auxiliary Starter

Excellent T-R engine oil cleaner is offered
to percolate precisely all impurities in the
engine oil for protection of engine.


The maintenance lamp and switch are
located right beside the battery for
improved convenience during night time

Servicing and regular checks are easier
than ever thanks to the 45-degree tilting
cab which provides quick and easy
access to the engine compartment.

Auxiliary starter which is applied in the
Hyundai Medium duty truck offers special
convenience to perform the inspection of




Driving a Hyundai is Driving with Peace of Mind

Safety begins with an impressively durable and strong frame. That serves as the foundation for an all-steel suspension system and excellent ride and handling qualities. For superlative stopping power, Hyundai offers a full air braking system supplemented by an exhaust brake. ABS with Anti-Slip Regulator and front / rear auto brake adjusters can be ordered as
options. For your security and peace of mind, the fuel filler cap is fitted with a lock and sliding lock cover.


ABS with ASR (Anti-Slip Regulator)
Drum brake with wide

Air Tanks


This ABS (Anti-locking Brake System) brings the vehicle
to a safe, controlled stop and is particularly advantageous
whilst driving under slippery road conditions. The driver
can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without
worrying about wheel lock, skidding and subsequent loss
of control. With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full
directional stability of the vehicle at all times and avoid
potentially dangerous situations. (Optional)

Hub Pilot Wheel Gradual Control  

The hub pilot wheel is designed to optimize torque of the
lock nuts and eliminate vibration for safer driving.