Hyundai Flat Bed Trucks are a great way of transporting dry
feed such as hay for livestock.
They feature removable side gates, easily attached and
detached to and from the deck.


The side gates are made of 6 mm-thick high-tensile steel bars,
and the floor beds are finished with anti-slip checkered steel

  HD72 (4 x 2) HD120 (4 x 2)



Hyundai Car Carriers are designed to transport newly manufactured vehicles to designated destinations such as a delivery centre or a shipping port.

The Carriers feature a lifting deck which doubles the transporting capacity by allowing vehicles to be stored on two levels.

HD120 (4 x 2)  



Hyundai Underlift Tow Trucks are an efficient solution for moving illegally parked or broken – down vehicles.

The boom and wheel lifter integrated into a single unit makes the job a snap, dispensing with the manual labor
of hooking up the vehicle to be towed.

  HD72 (4 x 2)



Hyundai Mobile Workshops are an excellent solution for
servicing vehicles difficult to be driven to automobile
maintenance centers. They are dry van trucks furnished with
automobile service equipment, enabling mechanics to handle
quick service jobs on the spot.


* Refer to special vehicle catalogue for more information about
Equipment and tool list.

HD72 (4 x 2) HD120 (4 x 2)  
HD260 (6 x 4)    



Hyundai Safety Loaders are designed for easy loading of a car onto the deck for transportation. The deck is
hydraulically inclined or lowered to the ground level so that a car can drive onto the deck or be pulled onto it by
a built-in winch. The loaded car is secured by a set of tire stoppers and lacing wires. The slow-slope deck tilts
to 13 degrees.



  HD72 (4 x 2)



Hyundai Troop Transport Trucks are designed to transport soldiers or police troops on the deck covered with a
tent. The deck is furnished with foldable benches, and the tent is easily detachable.





H120 (4 x 2)