The extra spacious Super Cab

Tilting Cab

Semi-Floating-Type Cab Suspension

300 mm of extra carrying space adds a new
dimension of flexibility to this class. Whether for
or as rest area, it adds extra operating potential,
especially for long distance operations.

Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever
thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab which provides
quick and easy access to the engine compartment.


The cab rides on two oil cushioned rubber mounts.
This design innovation is one of the keys to the soft, gentle ride.



Wide Angle Doors Heated Rear View Mirror Safety Steps

MFR Headlamps (Multi Focus Reflection)



Designed to Maximize
Capability and Convenience

The Hyundai HD series offer one of the safest and most ergonomic cabs available. It is not just comfortable, it works with the driver. For example, the curved instrument and switch panel layout means less reaching and more instinctive control. Minor controls, cab access, door and grab handles are optimally positioned, and there are ample interior illumination and stowage space. When it comes to driver comfort and convenience Hyundai is always right out there at the forefront.





Air Control System Overhead Storage Instrument Panel

Dial controls make setting the optimum heating and ventilation levels effortlessly simple. A powerful fan and multiple outlets mean that all round freshness is guaranteed. Air conditioning is also optionally available.

The overhead console provides deep, secure and capacious stowage for sunglasses, papers, maps etc., without impeding free movement in the cab.

Backlit, clear, and easy to read instruments, in the direct sightline of the driver, make day or night driving more relaxing.





Power and Reliability

The Hyundai D4GA diesel engine delivers the powerful performance, combined with exceptional reliability and durability, which makes Hyundai trucks so appealing.


The New F-engine

D4GA 150 ps / 2,500 rpm

Max Torque : 59 kg.m / 1,400 rpm

Displacement : 3,933 cc








Extra-Strong Frame Air Cleaner Fuse box Auxiliary Starter

Heat-treated steel frame is reinforced
with cross members and new bolt-type fasteners,
which combine to improve resistance to
frame twisting and flexing.

Tool box Radiator reservoir tank Service lamp circuit Washer tank
Fuel filter      



More Perfect,
More Secure on the Job

The Hyundai HD series trucks are developed for perfect safety. This serves as the foundation for rugged structure and extraordinary ride and handling. Further, the world class safety features from ABS integrated EBD brake system is equipped as standard. A full-size driver’s airbag is also available for driver’s safety.

ABS with EBD Braking System

The HD series offer extraordinary active safety and security by 4-channel A.B.S integrated Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system. When the system senses the brake locking in adverse or slippery road conditions, it easily adjusts and controls the braking pressures to all wheels by hydraulic control, while increasing brake pressure in emergency automatically.




Tire labelling grade


Tire supplier Tire size Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
*GRADE / Result (dB)
Hankook 195/75R16 10PR E C W2 / 70(dB)
205/75R17.5 10PR D C W1 / 67(dB)
8.5R17.5 12PR D C W1 / 69(dB)
8.5R17.5 12PR E C W2 / 75(dB)
Kumho 195/75R16 10PR C E W3 / 75(dB)
205/75R17.5 10PR D C W3 / 74(dB)
8.5R17.5 12PR E B W3 / 74(dB)
8.5R17.5 12PR E B W3 / 76(dB)