Press Pack

Hyundai Press Pack Trucks reduce the volume of residential or industrial waste loaded into the container by compressing them and employ an ejector to discharge the load.

The Press Pack Trucks are capable of handling oversized waste materials as well as regular waste. An optional bin lifter automates the dumping of waste bins into the hopper..

HD120 (4 x 2) HD170 (4 x 2)



Hyundai Roll Pack trucks use a rotating plate to push garbage from the hopper into the container and a dumping mechanism to discharge garbage from the box. (Dumping System type)

Hyundai Roll Pack trucks share the same system as the Roll Pack Trucks for compiling waste but are differentiated by the use of an ejector, instead of a dumping mechanism, for discharging waste from the container. (Ejector type)

The Roll Pack Trucks are ideal for handling small – volume wastes, which makes them suitable for disposing of household waste.
HD120 (4 x 2) HD120 (4 x 2)  


Garbage Dump

Hyundai Garbage Dump Trucks stack loaded wastes in specific areas of the stationary container which has open covers and rear doors.

The Garbage Dump Trucks feature great mobility in servicing residential areas, and the high tensile container guarantees long-term durability.
  HD120 (4 x 2)


Arm Roll

Hyundai Arm Roll Trucks hook and lift roll-off garbage
containers placed at designated spots to transport them to
landfills where the waste is dumped.

The automated pick-up and dumping mechanisms offer great
savings in time and cost and efficiency in transportation.

HD120 (4 x 2) HD170 (4 x 2)  
HD260 (6 x 4)    


Vacuum Lorry

Hyundai Vacuum Lorries are efficient at collecting and
disposing of liquid waste from residential areas.

The Lorries employ a vane-type vacuum pump to suck in or
discharge liquid waste by an instant compression or
decompression of air pressure inside the tank.
  HD120 (4 x 2) HD170 (4 x 2)
  HD260 (6 x 4)  


Road Sweeper

HD120 (4 x 2)

HD260 (6 x 4)

Hyundai Road Sweepers are designed to clean dust, waste or
leaves on roads in residential or industrial areas by using a
vacuum suction device, a water sprayer and a road sweeping
system. In particular, the suction device powered by an
independent engine packs such power that it ensures fast and
efficient jobs of road cleaning.

All cleaning devices are controlled from the driver’s cabin by
using switches on the control panel.